On April 29, 2018 for the third time, we — the team of the «Blagomai» Foundation conducted the WOW Kids Forum for children from orphanages in Ukraine!

On April 29, 2018 for the third time, we — the team of the «Blagomai» Foundation conducted the WOW Kids Forum for children from orphanages in Ukraine!

468 children from 32 orphanages were trained with us (these are 7 regions of the country). They were supervised by 38 mentors and 28 volunteers helped us

Speakers: 4 famous and talented speakers on the topics: «You are the architect of your life. Leadership and self-expression! »

Professions of the future / Innovations — Denis Skripka

What actions need to be done today in order to succeed in the future — Vladimir Dovgan

Life as a project — Natalia Maslova

Leadership. How to train a leader — Alexander Yarmak

Thank you very much for your time and participation!

In the evening, they listened to presentations from children, the Children prepared their projects and performed on stage ,because they were impressed listening to the speech of the speakers!

Thanks to you, our benefactors, we collected: 367285,34 UAH.


Transport — 158913

Rent of the hall — 25000

Technique + projector, screen — 21460

T-shirts — 68284,86

Meals — 30000

Branding wall (2 pcs) — 5572

Baloons — 1457

Stationery — 5324

Polygraphy — 5853

Video shooting, editing, video — 16000

Additional costs — 6310

Total: 344173,86 UAH

We sincerely thank companies that participated:


SC Johnson

Smart Marketing


MDM Ltd.

Viking Trans Ltd

As well as 107 benefactors (individuals)

We were helped by the goods:

1200 bottles of water, 600 juices, 600 cakes from PEPSICO

600 packs of milk porridge from the Milk Alliance

15 packs of pies from  the Vasilev’s Pies

200 pens and 200 notebooks from PricewaterhouseCoopers

And also the BORIS’ clinic for a free-of-charge ambulance and three doctors.

Thank you for the Demo Zone:


- Generation Z

- a master class from Masha Tymoshenko

- master class from Apache Crew

Many thanks to Organizers #WOWKIDSFORUM 3, in particular, Olga Nizhnik, Vitaly Basyuk Alexandr Kazimirov, to all mentors and volunteers, for the holiday given to children, for the organization of well-coordinated teamwork.

Children are already asking about the next forum!

Thanks to everyone who helped to raise funds for the organization, transportation, food for 500 people !!!



You can help the children of Ukraine’s children’s homes in education, health and ‘urgent need’ programmes by making a donation using this link by whatever means http://charitymay.com/how-to-help/make-donation convenient to you (Privat Bank card, Privat24 account, OTP bank account, and WebMoney).

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