Kamenetz-Podolsky special boarding school 1-2 level Khmelnitsky Regional Council.

Address of the children’s home: Kamyanets-Podolsky, Khmelnytsky region, st. Suvorova 20 32300 tel. 2-54-97, fax 2-32-14, 

E-mail: internat_kp@ukr.netWeb-site: http://www.osvita-slabozori.com.ua

Contact number: tel.2-54-97, fax 2-32-14

Number of children: 230 children

The history of the institution:

1884 — the first mention of the organization of training for blind adults at the Mari Stewardship Council.

1906 — the school of blind children was established.

1916 — the school for blind children moved to Kiev.

1934 — the work of the school of the blind was restored.

1963 — reorganized into the school of visually impaired children.

2001 — reorganized into an educational complex with a rehabilitation centre for visually impaired children.

2013 — reorganized into a special boarding school of the I-III level of the Khmelnitsky regional council

2014 — special boarding school recognized as certified with honours in a status of the secondary general educational institution.

Kamenetz-Podolsky special boarding school I-III level of Khmelnitsky regional council is a public educational institution for children in need of vision correction. The institution carries out its activities in accordance with the Charter, approved by the Order of the Chairman of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council of April 23, 2013. №73 / 2013. A boarding school is an object of common ownership of the territorial communities of villages, towns, cities of Khmelnytsky region, which is administered by the Khmelnitsky regional council. The boarding school is under the control and accountable to the Khmelnitsky regional council, is a legal entity, has an independent balance.

The main goal of the boarding school is the development and formation of the personality, the provision of social and psychological rehabilitation and labour adaptation of students, the education of universal values, the citizenship, the needs of children with physical development deficiencies in general education, social assistance, and rehabilitation.

Teachers of the school also participate in regional and All-Russian scientific and practical conferences and represent the experience of working with children with visual impairments. They publish their projects in scientific and practical collections, on scientific and methodical portals.


Rehabilitation work

Agreements on cooperation with general schools of Kamenets-Podolsky, city PMPK are concluded. In accordance with them, work is underway to provide measures for the comprehensive rehabilitation of visually impaired children who are enrolled in an inclusive or individual way. By 2017, 38 pupils received comprehensive rehabilitation measures, 28 of them received it twice. Activities of complex rehabilitation in the conditions of a dynamic rehabilitation class were received by 16 pupils with a visual impairment of general educational institutions of Khmelnitsky region.

Comprehensive rehabilitation, which is conducted for students of a special boarding school, gives positive results. In particular, the level of somatic morbidity of pupils decreases every year:

2014 — 235 students;

2015 — 144 pupils;

2016 — 108 students;

2017 — 100 students.

The high-quality nutrition shows a decrease in the number of children with gastroenterological profile:

2014 — 16 students;

2015 — 14 students;

2016 — 12 students;

2017 — 11 students.

Cases of infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are not registered.

A work on labour protection and occupational diseases is on a high level. By 2017 there were no cases of traumatization of students and employees during the educational process.

In July-August 2017, the pupils of the school have rested at the Renniysk inter-farm children’s health-improving institution «Aifa».


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