Berdyansk sanatorium boarding secondary school of I-III degree of Zaporozhye Regional Council.

The communal enterprise «Berdyansk sanatorium boarding secondary school of I-III degree» of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council has been working since 1961. The facility is designed for 300 children aged 3 to 18 years. On 14th of May 2018, totally 256 children are brought up in the institution. There are children who need sanatorium treatment, speech correction, and children deprived of parental care.

Our students receive knowledge in well-equipped cabinets, can read books in the school library and reading room. There are three modern equipped computer classes. The psychologist and a social tutor are constantly providing various training, conversations, master classes, quests. Children are engaged in sport, fitness, tennis, billiard, dance, video. In the assembly halls, they have an opportunity to relax in the sensory room. The medical department has quartz apparatus, UHF machine, aroma lamps, bactericidal irradiators etc. The room for exercises are staffed and properly equipped. Sport and playgrounds are well equipped.

For the development of creative skills, there are:


- ballet studio «Premiere» (32 children);

- Art studio «Rainbow» (46 children).


- Variety-sports dance «Children of the Light» (22 children);

- music (19 children);

- art embroidery «Mastrinya» (32 children);

- ecological «Nature and fantasy» (22 children);

- vocal singing «Song Theatre», (28 children);

- computer (66 children);

- computer «Office worker» (20 children);

- Computer Programming (5 children);


- basketball (24 children);

- football (24 children);

- tennis (45 children);

- Billiard «Karambol» (16 children);

- Gym “Athlant” (18 children).

Our pupils are active participants and prize-winners of international, all-Ukrainian, regional and city competitions. Children have the opportunity to attend various professional guided tours at the production, as well as excursions to museums, cinemas, a zoo, a water park, children’s entertainment centres. A healthy lifestyle is carried out constantly. Detailed information on the activities of the institution can be found at the school site:

Addresses to the mortgage: m. Berdyans’k, 71114, Zaporizka Oblast Vul.Stepanyantsa, 13.

Contact phone: (06153) 2 24 00

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