Zaporozhe Regional Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation

The children’s home was founded in 1999. It caters for 80 children. “We now have 53 children. Children cannot stay with us for more than three months, and so we have a high turnover. Since the start of the year 368 children have already spent time here. The majority of the residents are adolescents between the ages of 12 and 16. Because of the high turnover we have constant problems with clothing. Children often come to us in nothing more than rags. We hand out clothing to them, and they return it once they are transferred into boarding schools. That is why we are always short of shoes and clothing,” explains the Centre’s director, O.N. Kucher.

Many children have dreams and plans for their life. And it is at that very moment that they need to feel supported. Otherwise they begin to lose hope and begin to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Suicide attempts are also a common occurrence. A child must feel that he or she is wanted.

Like all children, they study. The older children go to the neighbouring school (№87 in Zaporozhe), the younger ones study here at the Centre. At the start of the year the children need new school bags. After all, they are going to a normal school, and they do not want to look any worse than the other children.

Number of pupils:

53 children between the ages of 3 and 18 


Uzbekistanskaya St. 13A

Zaporozhe 69093

Zaporozhe Region


Contact number: 0(612) 223-66-93, 223-63-32 (fax), 223-66-02

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