The Regional Youth Sports School for Child-Orphans and Children without Parental Care

Registered address: Belyaeva St 121, Kramatorsk, 84320

Physical address: Mashinobudivelnikiv Blvd 30, Kramatorsk

The project of creating a regional youth sports school for orphans and children without parental care was confirmed by the decision of the regional council on 14 May 1999, and on 1 September 1999, the school began its work.

The main goal of the School for child-orphans is the physical and sports education of child orphans, children without parental care, children missing one parent, children from single-mother families, children from multi-child families, children from poor families, children of deceased mine workers, children of employees of state law enforcement agencies and armed forces killed during service. The nature of the group of children who come to the sports school shows the uniqueness of the school and its difference from other sports schools.

A physical education system was created on the school site for athletes which is aimed at the development of different sports and fulfils two main functions: it guarantees the large-scale involvement of children and adolescents from a number of socially vulnerable categories in sports activities, and it provides a sporting education for athletes identified as having high sporting potential.

 The Regional Youth Sport School’s main tasks:

To offer children and adolescents equal opportunities for getting involved, learning and achieving high results

To run competitions at the regional level between the pupils of general education boarding schools

To provide a multi-faceted physical education for pupils, to develop their skills in a chosen sport

To provide systematic help to the general education boarding schools by organising large-scale sports activities

To carry out the principal regional programme for the development of physical education and sport in Donetsk Region for the years 2012 to 2016.

To develop large-scale involvement in physical education and sport amongst socially vulnerable categories of the population by increasing the network of establishments, institutions, and organisations active in the field of physical education and sport and responsible for the introduction of events dedicated to promoting the possibility of visiting these organisations as concessions.


27 coaches are responsible for the sporting education of the School’s pupils.

22 of them have a higher education qualification in physical education and sport, and 5 specialised in the discipline at secondary school.

One coach has a ‘Higher Qualification Category’ award, none has ‘Level 1’, and 12 coaches have ‘Level 2’. One coach is an ‘Merited Master of Sports of Ukraine’.

In 2015 five of the School’s coaches attended courses to improve their qualifications.

Length of service:

0-3 years: 7 members of staff

3-10 years: 4

10-20 years: 8

More than 20 years: 8

Pupils of the School

There are 24 boarding schools in Donetsk region. In order to involve as many children in sporting activities, the Centre has sports departments in 12 of them.

These include: 10 general education boarding schools, one centre for the rehabilitation of child orphans in Kramatorsk, and the ‘Emerald City’ (Izumrudnii Gorod) Centre for Social Rehabilitation in Sosnovoe, Kranolimanskaia District. The School’s coaches work in all of these schools.

The School carries out work in 11 sports: badminton, basketball, weight lifting, volleyball, athletics, radiosport, softball, table tennis, football, futsal, and cheerleading.

The overall number of pupils — 1070.

In total, 253 talented athletes have passed through the Centre’s programmes. Of them 18 achieved the level of First Class athletes and 2 the level of Candidate for Master of Sport (nationally ranked athletes).

Organisation of the training process

All pupils from the ages of 6 to 17 living in general education boarding schools are involved in organised physical education and sporting activities.

In order to involve a greater number of Donetsk region’s pupils in large scale sporting activities, all competitions are held for multiple age groups from competitions in city or district boarding schools to those on a regional or national level.

Certain conditions are in place for the organisation of large scale sporting education: annually a joint decree is issued by the governing body of physical education and sport and the department for education and science (‘On the organisation of regional competitions between child-orphans, children without parental care, children from multi-child families and children from poor families’).

12 regional competitions are held annually with the participation of more than 2000 athletes from 12 different general education boarding schools and 18 ‘family-style’ orphanages.

During the summer holidays the regional ‘Sporting Childhood’ Spartakiada is traditionally held on the site of the ‘Emerald City’ Centre for Social Rehabilitation in Svyatogorsk.

In Donetsk Region the organisation of large-scale sporting education is entrusted to the School.

The School is responsible for coordinating the department of the regional programme for the development of physical education and sport in Donetsk Region for the years 2012-16.

For the successful organisation of all parts of the programme, the School offers methodical help to cities and districts and monitors their performance.

Expected results:

The most important aims of the programme are the following:

-To develop the infrastructure in boarding schools. This includes the supply and replenishment of sports equipment, the construction of areas with anti-vandal training apparatus for general fitness training on site.

Mariupol General Education Boarding School №2 (Levels I-II), Donetsk regional council //

Azovstalska St 150, Mariupol, 87529 Tel: (0629) 58-29-10

‘Emerald City’ Sanitary-Health Centre for Social Rehabilitation // Sosnove, Krasnolimanskii District, Donetsk Region, 84432

-    To involve of socially vulnerable children in organised sports activities with an annual increase of 1% in their number

-    To guarantee access to sports activities, including the development and use of the mechanism of concessionary and free visits to sporting complexes of all types

To organise publicity for physical education and sports activities as a key part of a healthy lifestyle, including social advertising and special projects in the media (publicising competitions, festivals, new sports events etc), and online information support. 

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