Tarashchansky geriatric boarding house, the village of Chernin, Tarashchanskiy district, Kiev region

The geriatric boarding house is a social medical institution of a general type for permanent residence of elderly citizens, veterans of war and labor, people with disabilities in need of extracurricular care, domestic and medical care.

In its activities the boarding house is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, orders of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, and is subordinated to the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

Along with the constant development of the material base of the boarding house, considerable attention is paid by the administration to the development of cultural and mass work and leisure of the wards.

The boarding house has its own bakery department, which provides the need for a boarding house in high-quality bakery products in assortimenti.

Poral workshop with modern equipment and its own apiary.

We often have guests Taraschanskaya RGA, students Severinovsky SOSH I-yehist and their mentors, ensemble «Twins» and many others.

 Tarashchansky geriatric boarding house is located at st. Lobkovka 22 s. Chernin.

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