Communal Establishment of the COR «Boyarsky Boarding School I-II steps»

The main objectives of the boarding school are:

- to ensure the right of children with visual impairments to receive basic general secondary education through a specially organized teaching and educational process in conjunction with corrective

-development work, medical  rehabilitation;

- development of natural abilities and talents, creative thinking of pupils, their pre-professional and vocational training, the formation of an adapted personality;

- Assistance in mastering by students of civil ethics and universal morality, interpersonal communication, the basics of hygiene and healthy lifestyles, initial labor skills;

- assistance in the physical and mental development of children,

- providing, in the process of education and upbringing, systematic and qualified psychological, medical and pedagogical support, taking into account the state of health, the specific features of the psychophysical development of students (pupils);

- implementation of social and pedagogical patronage: providing psychological and pedagogical assistance to parents (persons who replace them) in order to ensure their active participation in comprehensive educational, correctional and development work.  The educational process of pupils of the boarding school is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of mental and physical development and the content, forms and methods of their training, the corresponding regime of the day ensures the systemic nature of educational, correctional and developmental, therapeutic and preventive work, rehabilitation activities.

Labor training in boarding school provides a system of activities aimed at restoring, compensating for impaired functions, mastering the skills and skills of pupils, is the basis for further professional training.

Corrective and restorative classes are conducted at the boarding school for practical and practical training, therapeutic physical training, speech therapy, rhythmics, social orientation, development of auditory, visual, tactile perception and communicative activity, the formation of pronunciation and speech with the aim of correcting primary and secondary disorders  , expanding the experience of socio-psychological adaptation and labor rehabilitation.

Address: Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky rn, city Boyarka, str.  1 Peschanaya, 1. 

The number of children from 6 to 17 years (80 students).  

Contacts: 0 (44) 35-597.

Рубрика Kiev region, Orphanages. Постоянная ссылка на страницу.