The Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children», village Stepanovka., Kherson (КЗ ХОР)

Municipal establishment of the Kherson regional council «Center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children»  is an establishment of social protection of children from 3 to 18 years which have appeared in difficult vital circumstances. This establishment is designed for 50 children. It appears to pupils of the center social, psychological, pedagogical, medical, legal and other types of the help.

In the center children from the families which have appeared in difficult vital circumstances are accepted and aren’t able to overcome them by means of own opportunities if parents for certain reasons (because of a long illness, disability, etc.) can’t provide proper maintenance and care of the child, evade from performance of parental responsibilities, take alcohol, drugs;

children without parental support or the persons replacing them;

the children who have undergone violence also need social psychological assistance, victims of trade in children;

street children.

Acceptance of children in the center is carried out round the clock:

- in the direction of service for children to which the center submits;

- according to the act of structural divisions for children of law-enforcement bodies;

- according to the personal address of the child.

The main objectives of the center are:

- implementation of social protection of the children accepted to the center;

- providing social services to children of a complex;

- carrying out social and pedagogical correction taking into account individual needs of each child;

- assistance to return of the child in biological family;

- ensuring visit by children of educational institution;

- assistance to formation at children of own living position for overcoming habits of asocial behavior;

- rendering psychological and other types of the help to parents (or to persons, them replacing) the children who are in the center directed to return of the child to family;

- development of recommendations about questions of social and psychological adaptation of the child for teachers and parents.

The center is carried out:

- the correctional developing occupations;

- sacred;

- educational actions;

- sports competitions;

- thematic weeks;

- excursions

- psychological hour;

- circles;

- legal channel;

- meetings with employees of law enforcement agencies, health care, chiefs of an institution.


Center created all necessary domestic, psychology and pedagogical, medical, legal conditions for ensuring normal activity of children, granting an opportunity for study, work and rest.

Address of orphanage: 73488, village  Stepanovka, Kherson Region., st. Zaporizhia, 4

Contact number: (0552) 37-42-01, 37-91-08, 37-91-46.

Number of children: 50 children.


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