Establishment  has been based on March 20, 2004.

The center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children it is calculated on the round-the-clock stay of 20 children aged from 3 up to 18 years which have appeared in difficult vital circumstances and isn’t able to overcome them by means of own opportunities; if parents for certain reasons (because of a long illness, disability, etc.) can’t provide proper maintenance and care of the child, evade from performance of parental responsibilities, take alcohol, drugs; without parental support or the persons replacing them; undergone violence also need social psychological assistance; victims of trade in children; street children.


It is provided to children complex social, psychological, pedagogical, medical, legal and other types of the help. To parents specialists of the center also help to change for the better, using various methods and receptions: individual conversations, equal dialogues, oral polls, questioning, consultation on problematic issues, trainings.

Priority of the Center — return of the child to biological families or devices of children in family forms of education.

Our center repeats model of the big loving family with the traditions, rules, a life rhythm. As in each large family, our older children get used to responsibility for kids, and small accumulate life experience in adults.


The real award and recognition of our work are reviews of pupils about staying in the center:

The Vilkhuvatsky center for children,

You became the house for me.

Also tears from eyes are shed,

When I remember you.

Here I have got happiness and love,

And here I have learned about mercy.

Something excites in veins blood,

Exactly here the person I became.

Where I won’t go, but I won’t follow -

For ever I will remember a shelter.

After the journey equal I will never leave -

My family to blossom as a barvinok!

(Elya, 14 years)


Address of orphanage: Ukraine, 62620, Kharkiv region, Velikoburluksky district, village of Vilkhuvatka, Gagarin St., 17-A

fax. 05752-92-4-72, t.05752-92-6-80,


Contact number: 097-886-59-50

Number of children: 23 children.

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