Company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” starts a great social project “H-road” together with charity fund “Blagomai”

Company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” starts a great social project “H-road” together with charity fund “Blagomai”

Official importer of Hyundai cars in Ukraine company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” starts a great social project “H-road”. Within this project every traffic participant will be able to support polite attitude on the road and crucial necessity to follow traffic rules.

Important and up-to-date part of “H-road” project is its charity component to provide free education in different professional spheres for orphans.

Visual identification and peculiar marker of personal participation of “H-road” project will be special stickers. Their design was developed by №1 happiness supplier – famous Ukrainian brand GAPCHINSKA ™. The drawing on stickers remind how easy it is to be a Hero on the road as far as it takes only necessity to behave politely and follow the traffic rules. Stickers’ heroes as much as GAPCHINSKA brand symbolize love, happiness, dreams, care and tenderness.

Profit from stickers selling will cover courses of demanded and modern professions and skills such as driving courses, IT, design, finance, management etc for orphan children. You can be a Hero in routine cases. And it is so important to be a hero for those who need him the most – orphan children. We make this world more kind by supporting and covering them in love and care. We know for sure there no someone’s else children.

Charity fund “Blagomai” whose main goal is to help orphan children also joined “H-road” project.

Company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” holds an active position among socially responsible companies and sees its mission in further development of driving culture and mutual respect among all traffic participants. It’s especially important in Ukraine where around 368 accidents take place, 11 people are killed and 86 get injured every year. Now a new bad driving habit appeared such as using different gadgets behind the wheel.

“These are not just numbers, these are human lives! We all are responsible for road safety. By realizing “H-road” project company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” does all its best for reducing quantity of traumatic cases and raising driving culture. By buying stickers  drivers not only announce their realization of importance of traffic rules but also make their input in building future for orphan children” – said company’s General Director Igor Gladkovskyy.

There are more than 73 000 orphan children in Ukraine. They face hard questions such as education, gaining diploma and future self-realization.

By gaining new skills in professional spheres children will open step-by-step new horizons and possibilities for employment.

Social project “H-road” will be held from September 2016 till March 2017. Before training starts company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” will organize children questionnaire and based on it will form the list of programs. Participants will be able to choose a desired course themselves.
Trainings for more than 30 orphan children from all parts of Ukraine will take place in February 2017.
Such social projects are quite traditional for company “Hyundai Motor Ukraine”. In July-August 2015 company organized  trips to summer camps for children whose parents were wounded or took part in ATO from Ivano-Frankivska and Vinnitska regions. In autumn 2015 children from orphanage homes in Rovenska and Volynska regions took part in fascinating excursions and master classes organized by the company.
Also in 2015 within “Save lives” project National military medical clinic center “Main Military Clinical hospital” received a delivery of medicines for more than 100 000 UAH.

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