WOW Kids Forum 23/04/2017

Charitable Fund BLAGOMAY wants to change the statistics that only 10% of children from orphanages become successful.

Charitable fund BLAGOMAY initiates WOW Kids Forum, the first educational event for children with participation of outstanding speakers. The format of event will be held for the first time in Ukraine.

The event is organised for 1000 teenagers, aged 13-16, living in children homes, orphanages, family-type homes, as well as underprivileged children and children displaced from ATO area.

The Forum will be divided into TWO STREAMS:

Stream 1:

09.00-13.00  — keynote speeches for children.

and a boy graduating from orphanage

Stream 2:


Children will be divided into 4 teams to perform team tasks which imitate activities in business, city, state, NGO. The teams will be headed by professional mentors and volunteers who will work with each child on individual basis.
The purpose of the event is as follows:

-  inspire children to achieve their goals;

- show children other “reality” and to expand their horizons;

- give children confidence in themselves and their capabilities;

- show children «models» of a successful life and a good example that changes the future;

- with the mentors’ help to draw criteria of happiness suitable for each child and to outline steps of how to achieve it;
Participation of speakers is FREE OF CHARGE!

We need YOUR SUPPORT to cover the following:

transport expenses, transfer expenses to bring children to and from the event; hall rent and equipment;

lunches, snacks, tea, water, biscuits;

organizational expenses;

video recording;

stationary: handout materials, pens, note-pads, T-shirts, gifts, books.

Participation of one child at the events costs 1012 UAH (with all expenses included)


To finance the participation of children from orphanages in WOW Kids Forum, please go to the link on BLAGOMOY’ website: (please choose the purpose of your donation: educational program WOW Kids).


For donations on behalf of a legal entity, please use the contacts listed below.
Date of the event:  April, 23 2017
Time: 09.00 – 17.30
Venue: The centre of Culture and Arts of the National Aviation University, Kyiv,  Kosmonavta Komarova avenue, 1.

Help children to realize unique opportunity to attend the event.
It will take you just 2 minutes to make a donation at charity fund BLAGOMAY’ website: (please choose the purpose of your donation: educational program WOW Kids).

If you want to help as a volunteer at WOW Kids Forum, please use the link below:
We do hope that WOW Kids Forum will be the first step in children’ self-realization and  development of their talents. And we believe that WOW Kids Forum will change their future for the better — to be successful in everything!

In case of  inquiries please contact:
+38-067-215-99-55 (Kira/Aina), +38-067-216-99-55 (Oksana), +38-096-366-97-90 (Tetyana), +38-050-552-63-13 (Kostyantyn)

Hurry up to make good deeds helping to improve childhood of children from the orphanages of Ukraine!

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