20.03.16 took a trip to the orphanage «Cheburashka»

20.03.16 took a trip to the orphanage «Cheburashka»
Snow Sunday morning 03/20/16, a trip to the orphanage «Cheburashka». As the children were happy the long-awaited return of the snow, and the volunteers were happy return to the orphanage. At this time, «Cheburashka» volunteers visited Elena, Julia, Natalia and Igor.
Children have always been happy to volunteers and showed Julia and Natalie, who were here for the first time, my room and all the children’s home. Volunteers handed orphanage diapers, and clothes that they bought for a younger child’s orphanage.
After this art therapist Julia held for children workshop where children made a collage of your dreams. First they cut from various magazines pictures that they like, and then glued onto a large sheet of paper. Each child got to form his dream, and Julia has helped to interpret what is meant by this or that image and its location on the sheet, and also described the children in their collages.
Upon completion of the master class volunteers were treated to hot tea and joyful the next meeting with the kids, volunteers hit the road.

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