13/03/2016 a trip to Babe house «Hope» with. Krivosheintsy (Skvirsky area).

13/03/2016 a trip to Babe house «Hope» with. Krivosheintsy (Skvirsky area).
On Sunday morning, the volunteers and employees of BF «Blagomay» to purchase gifts and food, went to the village Krivosheintsy, visit the orphanage wards «Hope». The company has a not small :) 10 people: Igor Auto volunteers and German volunteer Helen Constantine (Chapter Supervisory Board «Blagomay» BF), Love (Assistant Chairman of the Board), as well as our new volunteers-students Tatyana Bogdan, Nazar, Anatoly and Sergei.
When we arrived at the orphanage, we were already on the verge of joy greeted the youngest kids of the house. As true hozyayva home, took us by the hand and led him to show his room. The guys met our volunteers-students presented gifts to the kids. As it turned out, the greatest popularity among all toys are puzzles. Children are encouraged to have put vivid pictures.
We played and talked, and then we were invited to the assembly hall. As it turned out, the kids have prepared a concert for us, the guys played, danced and sang a song. Communicating with children, we learned that among them there are a lot of boys talantov.Komnatu resplendent with many diplomas of sports achievements. Among the guys have a beginner DJ. A real devochki- needlewoman, showed their work and embroidery. Youngest girls love to do hair, so that, immediately began to braid pigtails our girls-volunteers. Communicate with the children was great, we did not notice how fast it took several chasov.Vremya nearing lunchtime and we went to set the table. As in any family, we did everything together and together :) We had lunch and talked. Talk to older children about their dreams and plans.
We started to go home, did not want to leave, even for a long time stood on the porch and shared their experiences, children have presented us a gift that is made independently. Then for a long time we embraced like old friends)


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