08.02.2017 81 sets of bed linen for kids, pupils of Kyiv City Gorodetsky ‘s foster home were given by charitable foundation «Blagomay».

08.02.2017 81 sets of bed linen for kids, pupils of Kyiv City Gorodetsky ‘s foster home were given by charitable foundation «Blagomay». Bed linen for children was given in pink and blue colour with bear. Main doctor and carers of foster home were really happy new bed linen . They immediately changed them in several groups. Unfortunately, foster’s budget rarely has opportunity to change it. So, the staff say thanks for the kindness and help. And when we told them that 5.000 customers of the restaurant «Salateyra» took part in the charity and donated money for their foster home , surprise, admiration and gratitude overwhelmed the staff!
Company «BlagoMay» is very grateful and appreciate the mercy of all paticipants , staff and management of the «Salateyra». We believe that together we will do a lot of good things, improving Ukrainian childhood.
Dear reader of this news , if you want to help kids from Ukrainian foster homes , you can by clicking on that link http://charitymay.com/how-to-help/make-donation  make your donation by comfortable method for you.  Also you can follow the regular donations through Privat24/through charity website , and then every month the amount you set will be automatically debited from your account to good doings.
Hurry to do good things improving the childhood of children from foster homes in Ukraine!
With respect, kindness and love company «BlagoMay».


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