Media-briefing of Hundai Motor Ukraine and Blagomay

Media-briefing of Hundai Motor Ukraine and Blagomay
As a part of common project H-Road a check for 135 000 UAH was passed for training courses coverage.

Yesterday February 1st 2017 during the  Media-briefing of Hundai Motor Ukraine and Blagomay the results of social project were revealed. A check for 135 000 UAH for training courses coverage was granted by commercial director of Hundai Motor Ukraine Gennadiy Chetvertukhin.

35 children-graduates (aged 15-21) from Zaporizzhskyy, Kievskyy, Sumskyy and Dnepropetrovskyy region orphanage houses took part in this project.

These children sincerely want to increase their knowledge. All courses and school have certified specialists who will teach children both theory and practice.

Children have chosen the following trainings:

  • Driving courses
  • Web-programming (HTML, CSS)
  • English language
  • Art courses
  • Manicure and visagist courses
  • Filming and editing in Edius
  • Website promotion and SEO
  • Tourism management

The children were chosen in the following way:

  1. We conducted a survey among all children the Blagomay foundation take care of.
  2. Everyone who consciously wanted to study wrote a letter asking to pay for their courses.
  3. Children passed tests for knowledge evaluation both with foundation’s management and courses tutors in order to estimate how suitable the topic is for children and how ready to seriously study they are.

On behalf of all children who will study due to this program we would like to thank Hundai Motor Ukraine for provided possibility.

You can find more information in press-release following the link:

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