Tsurupinskyy district, Tsurupinsk, per. Rakytnoe, 28 (Kherson region) 75100, Ukraine

Tsurupinskyy district, Tsurupinsk, per. Rakytnoe, 28 (Kherson region)
75100, Ukraine

Kahovskyi orphanage house was founded in 1968 for children with poliomyelitis consequences and cerebral paralysis. It is the unique boarding house in Ukraine where seriously handicapped children are cared, educated and treated.

129 children (4-18years old) live in boarding house at the moment. Most of them do not have parents.
Social adaptation is at the basis of education process. Children are treated according the age and intellectual development. The main goal is to teach a disabled child to live with his defects and be useful for the society. Constant care and interest of staff creates atmosphere of coziness and home warmth.

Different specialists such as tutors, speech therapists, psychologists, therapeutic physical trainers work with children during their stay at the boarding house. In order to develop the creativity the following workshop are founded:

  • “Fantasy” for drawing in different techniques, work with gypsum, quelling;
  • “Believe in yourself” for straw incrustation, sand art, work with natural materials.
  • “Natural fantasy” for growing and caring of plants.

Children are taught by instructors. There are also knitting and musical workshops.

Each year the children’s works are presented at city, region and country exhibition and also abroad.

The great attention is paid to treatment, prosthetics and prevention of illness. There are dentist’s, massage, therapeutic physical training rooms. Children are provided with orthopedic shoes for 100%.

Prosthetics and treatment is free of charge and is provided at Kharkiv NII of social protection of Ukraine.

Each year children go to the seaside, medicinal lakes or river Konka.

For many of them Kahovskyy boarding school has become a native home. Nevertheless they have physical handicaps graduates perform an active search for new ways of development and placement.

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