On 20 th February 2016 My Family Orphanage was visited in Khotov village, Kyiv Region.

On 20 th February 2016 My Family Orphanage was visited in Khotov village, Kyiv Region.

Volunteers Irina, Alexander and Dmitry took this mission trip.

”It is not necessary to have a reason for a holiday, it may happen on any day, it’s simply important to

have a good mood and desire to make someone a little bit happier:-) We’ve come to children in high

spirits. Upon arrival we’ve been warmly greeted by a teacher and children. In a friendly atmosphere

we’ve talked, got to know those who haven’t been familiar yet, and learned about children's progress in

school. Being in good mood, we’ve started to inflate balloons, and fool around, take pictures, sing songs

– the atmosphere of real holiday have been created. Then we’ve got straight to the games. The most

funny and joyful appeared to be the game of Twister – it has been great and a real fun. After active play,

it has been necessary to refresh and boost the energy level. We all together have gone to drink tea with

sweets and have a little rest. Then we’ve resumed playing games: there’s been a small competition

between boys and girls in a game of table football. Strange as it may seem, girls’ve got the upper hand).

After that we’ve been drawing pictures, having our hair dressed… Time flashed by and we decided to go

home and give a rest to the kids.”

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