On 14 th February 2016 Cheburashka Orphanage was visited in Rakytne town, Bila Tserkva District.

On 14 th February 2016 Cheburashka Orphanage, Rakytne Town, Bila Tserkva District was visited by

volunteers Yelena, Irina, Igor and Zhenya.

“By coincidence our visit was just on the St.Valentine’s day, and that is why we wanted to create a

special atmosphere of feast and joy.

We decided to do without candies and other sweets but try to concoct all together delicious pizzas


On our arrival to the orphanage we talked with kids in the first place: someone shared the secrets,

someone told how they won a flu epidemic, and someone shared his dreams … Then we all together

went to the kitchen to prepare yummy snacks :-) Before we started our work, we had divided into teams:

some cooked veggie pizza, others pizza with small sausages, the rest took up cooking pizza with minced

meat. Friendly and joyful work began, everyone actively participated, and we all cut the ingredients…

After that we took turns baking them in the oven, and who finished first – sat down, and at the end we

all ate together and talked at the table. Everyone was satisfied and happy :-) After friendly and

productive work kids went to rest and prepare homework before school, and we went home. »

You may find out more about the needs of Ukrainian orphanages here


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