The trip to the orphanage “My Family”, which is situated in Hotov village, Kiev district, took place on February 10, 2016.

The trip to the orphanage “My Family” in Hotov village took place on February 10, 2016. 


Tatiana Skrygina (Head of the Board), Konstantin Golubyatnikov (Head of Supervisory Board), Oleg

Saschenko (fund volunteer) participated in the trip.


Tatiana;s review (duplicated from the social networks): «I really like when the day ends with a trip to an

orphanage. Yesterday it was such a day, and not just a trip – but the communication with the children,

which is extremely important for them now… Of course, we also had the opportunity to identify the

global needs of one of our orphanages, namely "My Family” in Hotov village (near Kiev). At the

moment, children are in need of the daily work with the psychologist, they also lack medicines, as the

epidemic of flu did not pass them by. The main domestic problem is the untreated water, or rather the

water with the sand, which clogs all the plumbing and naturally puts it out of order…what is worse is

that the sand periodically falls into the soup, as the filters, which are installed in the kitchen, need

changing… Perhaps someone has a friend or acquaintance, who is engaged into the process of cleaning

the water from the central pipes; please, tell them that we really need their help to make the Nutrition

of these Children to be Cleaner!»


Other requirements:

- Inhalers, medications, vitamins;

- clothes, shoes;

- food products.

To find out more about the needs of Ukrainian orphanages follow this link:

needs_ru .

Dear reader, if you also want to help orphans in Ukraine, please follow the link

( help/make-donation) to make a contribution in any convenient for

you way).

You can also set up a regular donation through Privat24 on the foundation;s website, so a set amount of

money will be transferred automatically from your account each month.


Hasten to do good deeds!

Yours faithfully,

Team of Blagomay CF

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