04.06.2016 a trip took place to the Rehabilitation Center in the Kopylov village, Kyiv region.

04.06.2016 a trip took place to the Rehabilitation Center in the Kopylov village.

The trip was attended by the volunteers Ksenija, Tatyana, Igor, Oleg, Vitaliy, Rostislav, and


Sometimes, the most valuable thing we can do is to devote our time and attention to other

people. Indeed, sometimes for someone, we become a breath of fresh air. For this trip, we

managed to gather an entire team of volunteers.

Thanks to the versatility of the team, each child received some much-needed attention and the

entertainment they desired: football and other activities, a fascinating master class on making

colorful handbags, sweet table.

The children also drew their emotions, talked about their desired profession, and belief in

themselves and their potential. And, of course, that every person is unique, and was born with

a talent and an opportunity to build a future the way it is in their wildest dreams. This always

ignites the children's eyes, in which there is so much sadness.

Dear reader, if you wish to help the orphans of Ukraine you may follow the link and make a

donation in any way that is most convenient for you. We will also be grateful for regular

donations via Privat24/ through our fund website, in which case the amount of money set by

you will be automatically transferred from your account every month.

Hurry to do good deeds!


Yours faithfully,

Team of Blagomay CF


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