“Easter miracle” program – hurry up and join!

Many thanks to those who joined the “Easter miracle” charity program by “Blagomay” CF. Through

common efforts, 1000 Easter cakes were purchased for children from all the orphanages of Ukraine.

We thank our benefactors:

Elena Osipenko and Yury Buyanov, pupils of school-type Astropsychology Club Elena Osipenko, Ekaterina

Nikolaevna Pavliy, Igor Nikolaevich Negrutsa, Vitaly Bodrov, Maksim Alexandrovich Latko, Olga Ivanova,

Olga Yanova, Daria Evgenievna Bilotskaya , Stepanenko Tatyana Alexandrovna, Vladimir, online shop

“Nectar”, Timur Mhitaryan, Elena Valentinovna Tsimbalyuk, Elena Kovaleva, Ekaterina Zelenskaya,

Nikolay Snitsar, Svetlana Samayda, Natalia Manaenkova, Olga Medvedeva, Ilchuk Denis Nikolaevich,

Mikhail Fridman, Alexandr Alexandrovich Horev, Svetlana Novik, Evgenia Bayer, Valkovets Nina

Vasilievna, and also our anonymous benefactors!

At the same time 1,490 children are still waiting for Easter cakes, and it’s just 40,230 UAH, or 27 UAH for

one cake, and Great and Holy Easter is just 6 days away! You may make a donation on the Foundation

website: charitymay.com/uk/how-to- help-uk/make- donation (In the line “Donate to” – choose from the

list “Easter Miracle”). If you still haven’t joined this program – hurry up! Together, let’s make sure that

every child in an orphanage gets a tasty and healthy Easter cake (under the patronage of the fund – 34

orphanages from 7 regions of Ukraine). You can make a donation on fund web site:

charitymay.com/uk/how-to- help-uk/make- donation (In the line Donate To — choose from the list “Easter

Miracle”). You may also sign up for regular donations via Privat24/through our fund web site, in which

case the amount of money set by you will be automatically transferred from your account every month.


Dear reader, if you wish to help the orphans of Ukraine you may follow the link and make a donation in

any way that is most convenient for you. We will also be grateful for regular donations via Privat24/

through our fund website, in which case the amount of money set by you will be automatically

transferred from your account every month.

Hasten to do good deeds!


Yours faithfully,

Team of Blagomay CF




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