17.05.16 a trip took place to orphanage “My Family” in a Hotov village, Kiev district, under the "Workshop of the Good" programme.

17.05.16 a trip took place to orphanage “My Family” in a Hotov village, Kiev district, under the

«Workshop of the Good» programme.

The orphanage was attended by: Maria – the crafts master, Eugene – the kind and always helpful

volunteer with an auto and volunteers Irina and Irina.


Maria’s impressions from the trip: "Yesterday, we visited children at the center of children's

rehabilitation "My Family ", which is in Hotov village. There were only six children in, while the others

went to their families for the weekend. But there were a lot of noise, fun and painted faces ).

Active Sergei, serious Katya, cheerful Dashunya, creative Nastya, restless David and loveable little Maxim

made hearts as different as they are. And I very much hope that we have managed to add some warm

and kind colours to their small but such complicated lives.

Thank you to everyone who was with me: Eugene who took us in her car, Roma who took photographs

and Ira, who just conquered all the pupils. Thank you for your help during the master class.

Many thanks to Lida Komirnoy and Alina Kotenko — without them, this trip would not have taken place.

In addition to the materials for the workshop, we were able to buy for children juices, fruits and sweets.

Thanks to the charity fund «Blagomay» for organizing such trips.

Also, we are waiting for you and your children to come to our charity event May 23, 2015 in City Beach


Beginning at 17:00

You can buy tickets by phone today. + 38-067- 215-99- 55 or by following the link


Expected guests: Irina Tarasova, Leyla Mammadova, Angelica Rudnitskaya Tatiana Piskareva, Gabriella

Massanga Marina Odolska, Natalka Karpa, Vladimir Tkachenko, showman Uncle Jora, Viktor Pavlik,

Alexander Pavlik, Snezhana Egorova, Natalia Cholodenko, Anna Solntseva Julia Aisin , the Domino group,

Clay sullen, Mustard Art, Alice Milos, and many others.

Hurry to do good deeds!

The detailed photo-report is on Facebook page.

The detailed photo-report is on vk.com page.

Thank you for your regular contributions and trust in charity fund Blagomay!

Yours sincerely,

CF Blagomay team.


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