20.12.2015 a trip took place to the orphanage “Cheburashka” (urban-type settlement Rakitnoye, Kiev region).

20.12.2015 a trip took place to the orphanage “Chebyrashka” (urban-type settlement Rakitnoye, Kiev

region) as a part of the “FACTORY OF MIRACLES” program.


The trip was attended by: Evgeny Komarov – a member of Supervisory Board of the “Blagomay” Charity

Foundation, Yana Tsislyuk – volunteer, provided the car, co-founder of «Viyana Dental Clinic», Daria

Balitskaya, Yulia Lavreha – volunteers, employees of «JURIMEX» law firm, Valentin Pivovarov –

volunteer, director of BITLEX,  Kostya Chartoriyskiy – volunteer, employee of «JURIMEX» law firm and

«TaxLink», Olga Garaeva – volunteer, , provided the car, employee of ITCG.ua, Larisa Varnitskaya –


On Monday morning we met near “Blagomay” Charity Foundation’s warehouse and set off to the


On arrival we all gathered in the auditorium, where we organized a number of games, which gave

everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and find out about individual interests. One of the

trip participants – Kostya played guitar and we all collectively joined him in singing. Then we had a

surprise prepared by children – they showed us some concert acts dedicated to St. Nicholas Day: they

sang, danced, told verses. When the concert was finished all participants of the trip congratulated the

children on the occasion and presented them with gifts.

The surprises did not end there, because this time the kids were visited by their beloved Rap singer

Yarmak along with the band “Stolniy Grad” who on behalf of their friends and himself, presented the

kids with warm clothes, toys and sweets.

After lunch we went to the dining room where we were greeted with a celebratory table full of sweets.

The wonderful day passed quickly and we had to set off to Kiev, the kids went to sort through their gifts

in a good mood.

We thank the staff members of the law firm «JURIMEX», BITLEX and «TaxLink», and Danil Getmantsev

personally, for their charitable assistance for the purchase of bed linen for orphanage kids as part of the

“FACTORY OF MIRACLES” program. We also thank all the volunteers for their part in the trip and the

purchase of sweet gifts for the children.

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