The trip was attended by volunteers:

1. Olga Koval (volunteer driver)

2. Irina Polyakova (master volunteer)

3. Asya Zubritskaya (volunteer)

We want to thank the company “KONFIT” for the amazing jam, which pleased the children very much

with its homelike flavor and cool decor on every little jar!!!

“The trip was highly anticipated for several reasons.

Firstly, the orphanage is located 120 km from Kiev and the opportunity to visit the orphanage doesn’t

arise often. Therefore every trip, far from being the first one, turns out to be a little adventure. Although

the trip itself and time spent with children takes the whole day, it’s amazing how many wonderful

emotions we get in return! And this is extremely valuable!!!

I am so pleased to meet so many incredibly interesting, open and very kind-hearted people, real

volunteers! Now, I want to thank Olya and take note of her endurance and responsibility for the

transportation; Ira, who immediately returned the call to hold a master class of making New Year toys

from salty dough. It was the first time for them in “Prolesok”, but I am sure, it’s not going to be the last.

Secondly, on my previous trip I promised to sell paintings made of beads, which were created by the

hands of young talented boys. And to hand over their rightfully earned money. (Prior to this there was

an issue regarding the social unpreparedness of future graduates at the time when they leave the

orphanage, and their professional realization, money management etc.). For the work of Yura Golub and

Vanya Mityay it was possible to realize 800 UAH ! The boys were overjoyed, and promised to work


And thirdly, these are long awaited meetings. During the master class you can notice how the boys have

grown since last summer, how the older boys have gotten more serious, and how eager they are to help.

There are not very many of them, so over time you start to remember all of them, and start to

understand that everyone needs support, warmth, love and care.

We managed to bring clothes, a food processor and prepared a table full of desserts. Sometimes we can

help more, sometimes less. But most the important thing for the children is not the sweets, and not the

clothes, but the sincerity and involvement, and how much of yourself you gave them, not just doing it

for show…”

Anastasia (volunteer).

P.S. in mid-January we are planning to go there again. If anyone wishes to join in and help – please let us


The boys need warm clothes and there is a big problem with the food supply for the children of

“Prolesok”, Blagomay CF made a post about it before. Through common efforts we managed to cover

the debt for 3 months, TILL January.

Dear reader, if you wish to help the orphans of Ukraine you may follow the link and make a donation in

any way that is most convenient for you. We will also be grateful for regular donations via Privat24/

through our fund website, in which case the amount of money set by you will be automatically

transferred from your account every month.

Hurry to do good deeds!


Yours faithfully,

Team of Blagomay CF

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