Real «Friendly team» in Kopylov village 2012-03-04

It seems to me that I’m not the first who have heart from parents or older people the phrase:

“ Young people are not the same as in the past”. I can’t deny because time has changed dramatically. The key to everything is an ability to communicate properly and stay good person.

On the 4th of March members of Charitymay, Yulia Gayworonskaya, Mehmet Eren and trainer Irynya Dyba have visited center of socially psychological rehabilitation of children in Kopylov village. They hold training about communication. The most part of the audience were boys, because as for today there is only girl is studying at the school.

There was good and fighting atmosphere in the same time.  Children are good educated in rules of etiquette and communication; therefore all actively and staunchly were defending their point of views in debates. This fact could not fail to please us! Training was hold for one and a half hours and contained games as well (members of the fund took active part in them). Children were cutting little paper people and wrote down their wishes and desires on them. Each child was presenting his/her hand made man without shame. There was interesting moment in playing games on “trust zones”. Members of the Fund explained to children why we communicate with some people on the close distance and with others on the distance of one meter. This information excited them and opened everyday things in a new way.

The Fund gave to the center new equipment for classes:

- plastering trowel – 2 pcs.

- file triangle -  3 pcs.;

- bench tool -  3 pcs.;

- combination pliers — 3 pcs.;

- cutting pliers -  2 pcs.;

- blade for jigsaw 2 sets* 3 pcs.;

-drill - 1 pc.

Total amount of expenses -  600 UAH.

Children and teachers are very grateful for interesting training and instruments.

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