04.02.16 a trip occurred to an orphanage in a Kopylov village, Makarov district. ( Kiev region )

On Saturday 02.04.16 a trip occurred to an orphanage in the Kopylov village, Makarov district. This time the trip was attended by Ksenia, Alain and his daughter Alice and cars volunteer Igor. After meeting the children Ksenia had a conversation with kids from the senior group. They talked about the fact that every human is special and has one’s own unique abilities, talents and that life has a specific assignment for every one of us. And happiness lies in the ability to reveal, develop and realize that assignment. It is not possible to change the past, but the future is in our hands. It is futile to wait for someone or something to make us happy. Instead we should try and learn about ourselves, trust our inner voice, evolve and through this process become harmonious, happy and succesful personality. The conversation also touched the topic of future professions and the importance of choosing it according to one’s abilities, talents and most cherished dreams and not on public opinion and so called inherited factors. At the same time other volunteers and the children from junior group were reading books and drawing pictures. Afterwards the boys with the volunteer Igor played football in the yard. It was time to have a dinner and the volunteers bade farewell and departed.     more photos facebook more photos вконтакте 


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