Visiting orphanage «Cheburashka» 2012-02-19

Dear philanthropists, Maecenas and sponsors of charitable fund «Charitymay»,

Since early morning on 19 of February 2012 members and volunteers of the Fund went to our storehouse and took 24 packs of children clothes, 36 sets of children developing games (puzzles, plasticine, coloring and drawing pads), and also 5 packs of birthday  presents for orphanage’s houses (barbi dolls, school bag and developing games).

At first we visited children’s house “Gorobynka” in Grebinky village, Kiev region,  which is under charge of our Fund. We left there toy for every child, children clothes, book “Korolivstvo dobra”(it was written by the philanthropist of the Fund Yulia Kondracka). We communicated with children to know better about their needs and moved to the first trip to orphanage’s house “Cheburashka”.

“Cheburashka” is situated in Rakytne village, Kiev region. This is the firts orphanage’s house that fund took under care in terms of expansion program 20 children orphanages in 2012.

We were warring about the way children will accept us. Thanks God they were eagerly waiting for us. Svitlana Mykolaivna (head of educational process) met us warmly. In her cabinet we left charitable help (games, soap, shampoos, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, fairytale “Korolivstvo dobra” and several collection of poetry books “ Rozy Venery, Marsa Shypy” (the last one was written by the chairman of supervisory board of  the Fund, Kostiantyn Golubyatnikov; children asked author to sign personally each book!

Svitlana Mykolaivna told us about children’s creative and sport talents which they showed us later. Every child has his/her own interests: dancing, painting, sport running, singing, collection of Lego, writing poems, football playing. Most of the children received diplomas and letters of commendations, which is placed on the board of orphanage’s house.

There are 31 children in the age from 4 till 18 years old in “Cheburashka”. According to Svitlana Mykolaivna words, all of children have parents who was deprived of parental rights. Two children have orphan status. For the past 12 years, only one child out of 300, was returned back by the parents who renewed their parental rights. It was hard to hear this.

Orphanage’s house is situated in a huge two floor building. There is very cozy atmosphere – a lot of flowers and beautiful curtains. Girls showed us around the house. There is one girls’ room (recently was repaired), 2 boys’ bedrooms(repaired), 2 classrooms, where children prepare their homework, playing room, assembly hall, teachers’ rooms, director’s cabinet, dinning room (repaired), computer laboratory (1 computer out of 4 is working). Children are well dressed. There are very clean everywhere and beds covered neatly.

We solemnly presented game to every child. We liked very much pictures of one girl. Two of girls regularly take part in song contests, one of them even got a winner. Children led us to the assembly hall and showed few dances, and after Olya and Snizhana sang few songs in Russian and Ukrainian languages. We were impressed by pure performance of song “Molytva” in Serbian language by Olya. It is the song of Serbian singer who won the Eurovision contest.

Volodya surprised us by self-written poems in humorous style in Ukrainian language. They are very similar to those of famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky. Boy has never heart about him. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to communicate with children and director. We will come back soon for sure!

Total amount of expenses – 4 100 UAH

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We wish you pleasant viewing!

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Children and teachers are sincerely grateful for help, good time, emotions and knowledge.

P.S.  We want to remind you that needs of children’s houses you can find via «ГОРЯЧИЕ» НУЖДЫ»

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