When men say actions …

Good day, dear friends!

When men say actions …

Is it possible to collect more than 30 000 hryvnia 12 hours at passers-by on the street ..?

YES!!!! For real men from training camp «Sparta» no unbearable problems! Dancing, doing stunts, playing the best children’s songs and a lot of different guys unusual things collected from passers-by and visitors to the capital 30 346 hryvnia

As part of a leadership program for real men «Sparta», the children were given the task to raise funds to help the kiddies orphans. Both men have successfully coped with the goal !!! The funds collected and the long-awaited school uniforms for the children in the orphanage with. Tsibliyev was purchased.

34 children of the orphanage on September 1 will go to a new school uniforms !!!

August 22 participants of the «Sparta» and volunteers CPI went directly to the orphanage «Dream Pereyaslovschiny» in s. Tsibliyev, Kyiv region., To give shape to each child.

Also, the guys prepared the team activities for children, outdoor activities, a master class on body-art, a master class in weaving bracelets and interesting life stories.

Was great! It was fun! It was warm and sincere! And there were many, many children and adults sincere smiles !!!
Make the world better and happier — just!


Community CPI strong personality Charitymay.com — BF «Blagomay»

Hasten to do good !!!!

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