05.09.2015 held a live broadcast on the radio «Vesti» (radio waves 104.6)

Many already know or may not know)) yesterday held to #radioVesti pryamoyefir (104.6 radio wave) at 20:00
! We talked about philanthropy in general, about the transparency of the funds and how to check who is trusted and who does not.
Also we talked about the marathon to be held on September 27, 2015.
03.09.2015 started the 3rd Charity Marathon, the main goal — to attract public attention to the urgent problems and help solve them. Charity Marathon will take place within #WizzAirKyivCityMarathon2015 #FondBlagomay is 5 members, fundraisers, who for months before Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon in 2015 to draw public attention to the work of our charitable foundation. All indifferent can transfer money directly to the charity fund to support the fundraiser (list below) and his participation in the race. ! Marathon will run from 3 to 28 September.
1) Anna Feshenko — PR-director of channel M1 and M2, also oversees the new activity channels — concert agency «M1 concert». Active public figure.
2) Elena Taran — fundraiser Charity Fund «BLAGOMAY.» The main activity: involvement of the public and business companies to the problems of child abandonment, creating the conditions for integration and interaction between society and orphaned children, active dissemination of good atmosphere of charity!
3) Julia Gaivoronskaya — project founder Gblog, which covers experts theme of relations between men and women, and families. Co-founder of a sex shop g-sex.com.ua. Active public figure.
4) Anna Solntseva — the most beautiful woman of Ukraine #, # psychologist, radio host, author of the unique training «Job’s wife Millionaire.» Mrs. Ukraine Universe.
European Director of the National Beauty Contest of the United Nations (Miss United Nations Pageants).
5) Tatiana Petruha — #manager of training and development of staff, the hotel «Intercontinental». He is fond of cross-cultural peculiarities of countries, explore new approaches to learning. Active public deyatel.Glavny our project hashtag: #blagomayrun2015
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