Results productive SUMMER — 2015

Dear benefactors, volunteers and friends of the Foundation BLAGOMAY!

We are pleased to present a report BLAGOMAY Fund on its work in June, July and August 2015goda:

During June, July and August 2015, the fund BLAGOMAY thanks to you spent to help children from orphanages and charitable projects in Ukraine 265 UAH 629.90. (June 96 150.35 UAH., in July 101 740.30 UAH., August 67 739.25 UAH.), namely:


2 259.30 UAH - For sporting goods for the orphanage Sunlight, p. Trebukhov, Kyiv region.

23 579.00 UAH - 15 bicycles for the children’s home Hope, p. Slimy, Kyiv region

2100 UAH — Karcher vacuum cleaner T 7/1 Classic center of social rehabilitation of children «My Motherland», p. Khotov, Kyiv region

6 000.00 UAH - Payment for the delivery of 10 orphans +1 a teacher in a children’s camp Sea (Mykolaiv region). Svyatogorsk out and back

4 777.15 UAH - Payment of train tickets Slavyansk — Kharkov and back

1 583.60 UAH — Shorts and T-shirts for the Center for internally displaced persons (p. Kotsyubinskoe, Kiev region.)

638.30 UAH — Maykidlya Center IDPs (p. Kotsyubinskoe, Kiev region.)

30 010,00 UAH - Payment for Cravath single rehabilitation center for children Emerald City, Svyatogorsk, Donetsk region.

5 990,00 UAH — Payment for sofas 2 pcs. Hope orphanage with. Krivosheintsy and family-type orphanage Mishchenko Kiev region.

4013.00 UAH — Children in the wall of Chernihiv orphanage

15 200,00 UAH — Air conditioning in the Sumy orphanage


650.00 UAH — Products for orphan Koli Debelyak

75 500 UAH - For the organization and holding of exhibitions Yaponomaniya festifalya-2015

2800 UAH — Payment for the hygiene for the children’s home in Krivosheintsah, Kyiv region

4 574.30 UAH — School sundresses, shirts, socks, blouses for the children’s home in the village of Vovchok Prolesok, Kiev region.

3500 UAH — Payment of Ariel washing powder for boarding school in Tripoli, Kyiv region.

3193 UAH — Payment for the hygiene for the orphanage Pereyaslav, Kyiv region.

8023 UAH — Payment for the wardrobe in the house with children. Kopylov, Kyiv region.

3500 UAH — Payment for diapers in the House of Babies in Boyarka, Kyiv region.


35301.05 UAH — school uniform for the orphanage «Pereyaslav» (Tsibli)

5567.02 UAH —  stationery for the orphanage Family  Fedolyak (g.Uzin)

3807,50 UAH - stationery for the orphanage Family MІSCHENKO  (GOROHUVATKA)

3600,00 UAH - stationery for the orphanage Family Ovcharuk (PІSKI)

4592,50 UAH - stationery for the orphanage Family Yarovych (Brovary)

6743,18 UAH - school uniform for the orphanage «Oberig» (Bohuslav)

8128,00 UAH - school uniform for the orphanage «Nadiya» (Skvira)

The financial statements for the 2nd quarter of 2015 can be found here:

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