Sumy Regional Children House

Children Specialized Regional House of Sumy aims to provide care for children deprived of parental care, orphans, children with disabilities and is designed for 80 beds. All the mentioned categories of children are welcome from birth to 4 years.

The House is sponsored from the regional budget. During the last 3 years no funds were provided for maintenance and repair jobs and purchase of soft furnishings. These issues were covered with the assistance of sponsors. Critical needs of Sumy Regional Children House are:

care items: diapers (2, 3, 4), diaper cream, powder;

children nutrition («Malyutka»with sugar + for cooking, «Malysh»rice ~ KHOROL CONCENTRATED MILK FACTORY;

childrenwear (summer, autumn);

shoes (summer and autumn wear)

Address: 40001, Sumy, 158 Kirov Street

Phone: (0542) 62-83-29, 62-82-90

Number of children: 87

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Рубрика Orphanages, Sumskaya region. Постоянная ссылка на страницу.