30.05.2015 a trip to rehabilitation center for children «Pereyaslav» (village Tsybli, Kiev region)

30.05.2015 took a trip with friendly visit to the Rehabilitation Center for Children «Pereyaslav» (village Tsybli, Kiev region)

The trip was attended by Lyudmila – a kind volunteer with the car and  Irina — a volunteer of the trip.

Irene’s impressions about the trip: «The trip was great. There were a lot of emotions, as usual. Children are very sincere, kind. As Ludmila was not the first time in this rehabilitation center, all children were very happy to see her and rushed to her immediately with positive greetings. They began to embrace us and to ask something. When we were discharging toys, I found a large but not heavy crust-BSA, and the kids (maybe 5 people), immediately jumped up and began to help me. I want to mention also about positive team of adults (teachers, cook). We arrived there during  lunch, and they kindly invited us to eat with the kids. I had never met the situation like this. Of course we refused, but it was very kind of them. The children were very happy to receive toys, and sets of small fairy. It was clear, that this sets they see for the first time and they like them very much. They began to tell what is there, as if they know thisJ. Lyudmila brought small presents from Lenovo and organized a competition, the children told poems and sang songs. The main that, it was important not a gift, but the process itself. They wanted to show very much what they can do. Also Luda kept a promise and brought photos from the tour. The children were very happy and also surprised that she did not forget about this. Kate brought some jewelery and clothes, girls snapped in a moment some items  of  jewelery and were very happy to receive such presentsJ

Charitable Foundation» Blagomay «expresses gratitude to all the participants for pleasant trip review and a lot of positive emotions that were given for the kids!

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