Charity event to International Children’s Day

Charity event to International Children’s Day
Company HeadHunter Ukraine, in partnership with the charity fund «Blagomay» organizes collecting of assistance to pupils of Vorzelsk baby home of Nijinsky Orphanage.

International Children’s Day is celebrating all over the world on June 1.

In Ukraine, a lot of children are growing up without parental care in state orphanages. Very often they need the simplest things. We have no possibility to help everyone. However, if we will help to one or two children’s homes, we will make a little happier and more enjoyable childhoods at least of several dozen of orphans.

We propose you to join the initiative of company HeadHunter Ukraine, in partnership with the charity fund «Blagomay» and share with your warmth and kindness with students of Vorzelsk baby home (80 children) and Nijinsky Orphanage (33 pupil).
We are planning to pass them:

  • Stationery;
  • Office paper;
  • Kits for creativity (sewing, knitting),
  • Books;          
  • Puzzles;
  • Pampers (0-4 years for adults)
  • Wet wipes;
  • Diapers;
  • Tools for crockery (for children);
  • Laundry detergent;
  • Shower gels;
  • Shampoos; Creams;
  • Combs.

Also older children are really need socks (12-17 years), T-shirts and panties.

How and to whom to pass?

Since the proposed aid in the form of office supplies, kits of hygiene products is small-size, you can pass it along with the documents by courier or Ukrpost address: 04071, Kiev, st. Nijniy Val 15, 3 floor, 302 PF, LLC «Headhunters».

More details, please call: +38 (044) 230 87 39, +38 (063) 075 53 71.

We will provide a photo report at the end of charity event .

All the items that will be collected will be sent to children on 29.05.2015.

We believe in kindness of your hearts!

Yours sincerely,

Team CF «Blagomay»!


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