In honour of Katerina Belokur all-Ukrainian contest of children’s drawing was announced

Within the project “Atmosphere of Katerina Belokur” all-Ukrainian contest of children’s drawing was announced, the outcome of which will give opportunities to the winners to be trained by the best artists.

Katerina Bilokur was born in an ordinary family in the village and the majority of time she was dreaming about visual arts education. Unfortunately parents did not share her passion for painting, so her hopes were never realized. In memory of an outstanding painter’s lifelong dream all-Ukrainian contest of children’s drawing will be held. From all parts of Ukraine children from 7 to 14 years old will be able to send their drawings, flowers will be the subject, which Belokur skillfully represented on her canvas.

«There is a huge amount of extremly talented children in Ukraine. Katerina Starunskaya (coordinator of the project) is convinced that unfortunately most of them do not have possibilities to develop their skills, — we wish to favour young talents with opportunity to take over the experience of the best Ukrainian artists. As a result of the contest, three finalists will be trained on a specially designed training program. During two weeks they will visit the professors and students of M. Boychuk Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design as well as training programs of the National Museum of Ukraine and the PinchukArtCentre. We hope that, for some of them it can be a springboard into the world of art”.

The contest terms are simple just to send a drawing on the flower subject untill May 14th to the address: Ukraine, 01001, Str. Khreshchatyk 29/1, office 71, or send it by e-mail All works will be evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of an artist Vlada Ralko , sculptor Nazar Bilyk , illustrator Vladyslav Erko, Irina Mishchenko vice-rector of M. Boychuk Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design, head of scientific — methodical sector of education department of the National Art Museum of Ukraine Natalia Shostak and director of Katerina Bilokur’s house — museum Olga Shapoval .

“Such kind of contests are exceedingly important as it is crucial for talented children to feel themselves demanded, — says one of the jury members, illustrator Vladyslav Erko . — Katerina Belokur was, without any doubt, a genius, but during her life she did not experience the taste of recognition. It is significant that the youngest artists were appreciated by the society at the very beginning of their path».

The winners of the contest will be called on May 15th during the closing of the exhibition project «Atmosphere of Belokur Katherine», which will be held in the shopping center «Atmosphere» ( Metropolitan Highway 103 , admission free) .

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