13.04.2015 trip to Nezhinskii Rehabilitation Center for Children (Chernihiv region) on the program «Easter Miracle» -2015

13.04.2015 a group of volunteers, with the stock gingerbread Easter «bunny» on 33 children and 2 boxes of gels with sparkles (ornaments for girls), pay a visit to Nizhyn orphanage. And there are already 33 students, of all ages, from 5 to 15 years, expected in the playroom, looking cartoon «Mermaids.» Our arrival were very happy, especially those kids out there who are coming a long period and that there was a long-standing friendship. From the first minutes, the kids toddlers 3 — 7 years surrounded around and in every way, with glowing eyes with curiosity and helped print box. After the gifts were handed out, old friends and Zhenadin Denis sat Volunteer Dmitry per-view cartoon with them. Ah, what is the guys do not believe that their parents can leave unattended! While watching all the guys just sprinkled issues attracted the attention demanded dialogue, peppered with requests that they bring next time. It was interesting to hear that the girls are asked to purchase their nail polish, lipstick and shoes — that’s really the ladies! Well, the boys demanded machines :) But having communicated with the management of the orphanage revealed that government funding supply remained at the level of the previous year, and the products have risen in price — we all know how much, and in the current environment does not have enough funds for the fruit. We ask all who are not indifferent, help fruit set, or to allocate funds for the purchase of fruits and berries it, because now begin the season and will miss the kids very cherries, raspberries, strawberries …

The trip took place under the auspices of «Law Firm» USTA «in the person of its head lawyer Dmitry Fedorenko.
Charitable Foundation «Blagomay» expresses gratitude to Alexander Colin and staff GP «Energy for help in buying cakes for children.

Hasten to do good deeds!

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