09.04.2015 passed 63 pieces. Easter cake for orphans

09.04.2015 Fund office was transferred to 63 pcs. Easter cake for onward transmission to the wards of children’s homes, as follows:
Orphanage «Pereyaslav» (p. Tsybli, Kiev region.) — 29 pcs.
Family-type orphanage family Ovcharuk (p. Sands, Chernihiv region.) — 10 pcs.
Orphanage «Nadezhda» (p. Krivosheintsy, Kiev region.) — 9 pieces.
Orphanage «Prolesok» (p. Volchkov, Kiev region.) — 15 pcs.
Thanks to our good patron that supports our wards orphanages!
Donate to the needs of children in orphanages can then http://charitymay.com/how-to-help/make-donation
Hasten to do good deeds!

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