21.02.2015 Charity training by Natalia Kholodenko and Yurii Borisov

Dear friends, all those who joined our wonderful charity training and those who missed it last Saturday, the 21st of February 2015, let us share impressions and photo report which you will find on our site and in social networks.

The training was held by wonderful trainers: Natalia Kholodenko, psychologist (http://www.kholodenko.net/), and Yurii Borisov, founder of Astra Sapience eloquence school (http://radiotv.com.ua/).

We are particularly grateful to our partner, Wisconsin International University in Ukraine (http://www.wiuu.edu.ua/uk/), who provided room for the charitable event.

The entrance fee was a charitable donation from 50 UAH. Everyone could donate as much as he wished.

Though it was our pilot project with participation of leading trainers (in their field) and it didn’t attract a lot of attendees, we surely will organize similar events in the future where you, dear volunteers/benefactors, will not only help children together with Blagomai Fund (www.charitymay.com), but also attain valuable knowledge from best trainers in various fields.

THAKS a lot to all people who shared our interests for having come and supported, INVESTED to their knowledge and HELPED migrant children in pht. Kotsiubynske.

Thank you those who didn’t visit, but donated for “attendance”. The total amount raised is 4100 UAH. Like we always do, we will publish the report as soon as all necessary things are purchased and passed to the children. You will find it on our site and social networks.

Also, if you spot yourself on a photo, please tag your presence — we want to know our friends by sight :) It was nice to meet you, see you next time!

Those who want to donate for needs of migrant children within the event can do it by following the link http://charitymay.com/how-to-help/make-donation.

Our special THANKS to Natalia Bilevich for high quality photos!

Hurry up for good deeds!



See detailed PHOTO REPORT on VK


Charitymay team!

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