Report about master class in «Lyubystok» with Eyva 2012-02-04

Dear friends,

We can’t wait to share with you impressions about interesting and amazing trip to children’s house “Lubystok” on 4th of February 2012.

04-02-2012 despite the weather outdoor, -28 degrees and roads covered with the deep snow members of «БЛАГОМАЙ» took direction to the children’s house. Tatiana Skrygina, Konstantin Golubyatnikov, Denis Khrulin, and our special guest Eyva (Svitlana Kravchuk) ukrainian singer and our partner, proffesional videotape operator Vitaliy Gagramanov (  visited children’s house “Lubystok” ( in Novi Petrivci village).

Children met us with sincere joy and warm tea. It was very eventful and amazing trip, because Eiva held master class for girls. She showed them how to do handmade earrings with scissors and pliers equipment. 6 girls have made beautiful earrings. Two small boys joined the process and it was surprisingly pleasant, because they made jewelry for their younger sisters!

Older boys joined us after master class and evaluated efforts of their friends. After Eiva finished her class, she sang few songs. After all, we started to play game with riddles. Children receive presents for the answers. Those who gave right answers received special prizes from Eiva! Time flied very fast and we haven’t mentioned that we need to leave.

Video was made by Vitaliy. You can watch it a little bit later.

Photo report you can find on Google Plus and FACEBOOK you  can watch photos even if you are not signed up to google)

Children and teachers are sincerely grateful for help, good time, emotions and knowledge.

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