«Masterpiece» master class in orphanage «Gorobynka» 2012-01-30

Dear friends,

Good mood and warm atmosphere followed our regular trip to orphanage’s house “Gorobynka” (Grebinky village), which has taken place on 30.01.2012.

Creating of «masterpieces»  by yourself bring a huge amount of pleasure, because you put you heart and soul in there. Member of “Charitymay” fund Olga Zosimova and Maecenas Elena Kalenkova.

Master of Kiev house of art taught children the technics of straw plaiting. Children were making post cards with appliques of duck with great interest. Some of them prepared straw, cut out and gum details very carefully, and sometimes sounds words: “I will present it to my mom”.

Time flew unnoticeably. Children got cute handmade postcards and warm memories after master class. They invited us to come for the next classes and communication.

Total amount of charitable expenses was – 500 UAH.


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