25.12.2014 orphanage Family Mishchenko sent invitations to play «Christmas time travel» of the National Palace of Arts «Ukraine»

25.12.2014 orphanage Family Mishchenko (v. Gorohuvatka, Kyiv region.) Was transferred to 10 invitations to New Year’s performance «New Year trip back in time» at the National Palace of Arts «Ukraine»
We thank the management of the National Palace of Arts «Ukraine» for any invitation for the wards of children’s homes of family type family Mishchenko (Kiev region.), Family Ovcharuk (Chernihiv region.) And family Fedoryak (Kiev region.) The opportunity to visit New Year performance!
We thank our partners art gallery «ArtNova» (http://www.artnova.com.ua/) for the transferred book orphanages !!

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