Visit to the center «Mriya Pereyaslavschiny», v. Cibli, 2011-11-05

Dear benefactors, patrons and sponsors of the charity fund «BLAGOMAY»will send you a photo report from 05.11.2011, the first trip to the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children «Dream Pereyaslavschiny» in v. Cibli, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky district, Kyiv region (full photo report can be found here). The center is located 15 kilometers from the city of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. The Center currently is home to 25 children, age (2 to 14 years).

On a trip to the Center participated Chairman of the Board of the Found — Denis Hrulin and Head of the Supervisory Board — Konstantin Golubyatnikov and philanthropists Found — Evgeny Komarov and Artem Braga.

In the center, unexpected for us, it was home to a warm and cozy. Such comfort was created by children and staff of the Centre. The interior is decorated with all kinds of children’s Center for counterfeiting, embroideries, ekibanami, plates, paper cut outs and paintings made by children Center. All Center buried in home colors.

The center has a preparatory room with desks for older and younger children, which are placed on the wall of the main materials that every child should know: the multiplication table, corner Algebra. children’s rights under the UN Convention, world map and much more. The center also has a computer room, where there are ten computers, but their condition is poor, ie they should be updated. After a tour of the Centre, we were led into the dining room of the Center, where despite our resistance, still persuaded us to eat with the children, on the table were: chicken soup, millet porridge with sauerkraut and fish cakes and excellent apricot juice, which was prepared by the Chefs Center. Food in the center is very reminiscent of home and dietary food in sanatoriums

While we were with children and assorted gifts of the benefactors counted with the boys and girls of the Centre had time to play football.

The center has assisted:

1. Single Beds for mlyshey (with mattresses) 5 pcs.

2. Medications:
- Bifidumbacterin dry — 7 pcs.
- Maxicold — 10 pcs.
- Analginum — 10 pcs.
- Citramon — 10 pcs.
- Atsitilsalitsilovaya acid — 10 pcs.
- Activated carbon — 10 pcs.
- Paraetamol -10 pc.
- Pyrantel — 10 pcs.
- Naphthyzinum — 10 pcs.
- Askarbinovaya acid — 30 pcs.
- Pasta Solgate — 4 pcs.

3 Games intellectual and developmental (including puzzles) 27 pcs.

4. Vacuum Supra VCS  2055 — 1 pc.

5. Fruits: Bananas — 2 kg Apples — 5.5 kg., Juices — 6 bottles (3 liters), cakes, biscuits and Delizia oatmeal, waffles Artek, caramel Rochen — 18 packs

6. Fashion b / y — 5 packages.

7. Children’s books b / y — 1 package.

We are grateful to all the benefactors of the Fund who took part in helping the Centre with. Tsybli and special thanks go to:

Oles Timofeev — Sponsor Fund
Denis — the representative of the Kharkov factory of toys)
Angela — Sponsor Fund (Pharmacy «7th»
Svetlana Grechka bought for a vacuum cleaner.

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