Report Stage II «Social and psychological rehabilitation of children» in v. Kopylov to raise funds for training «Breakthrough to Success»

Dear friends,

present to you the report on the second phase of our work and money spent. Do not get tired to thank Nikolay Latanskiy, and its author’s training «Breakthrough to Success» which collected money the participants of the training for charitable purposes. The first report was made available to all our subscribers philanthropist October 9, 2011, and posted on Facebook in the «Breakthrough to Success» Nkolay Latanskiy all who participated in this training can also join the group by clicking on the name and official group fund «BLAGOMAY» network Facebook (put «Like» and share the link with their friends).

October 22, 2011 was bought material for 10 beds for teenage boys, and taken Maxim Ustimenko — one of the members of the same training «Breakthrough to Success», where he and his colleagues are happy to put together the crib and found a «Social and psychological rehabilitation of children « v. Kopylov, Makarov district, Kiev region. Director of the Center Igor heartily grateful to all who participated in this process and for their assistance in ennobling center as a whole. Photos installed beds can be found in the annex of this letter. For the purchase of material for beds has been spent 4000 UAH

We express our sincere gratitude to the philanthropists who helped:

Maxim Ustimenko

Nicholas Latansky and the trainees’ Breakthrough to Success in Kiev «(9-11.09.2011)

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