Visit to the orphanage «Prolesok» in s. Vovchok, 2011-10-29

photo-CF «BLAGOMAY» on Dear benefactors, patrons and sponsors of the charity fund «BLAGOMAY»

will send you a photo report from 29.10.2011, the first trip to the orphanage «Prolesok» in v. Vovchok, Polesie district of Kiev region (you can see here). Children’s Home is located 120 kilometers from Kiev, in the vicinity of Chernobyl. At the orphanage currently live 22 children, 19 of them boys (from 3.5 to 16 years) and only 3 senior girls (grade 9). On a trip to an orphanage attended by Chairman of the Board of the Fund — Denis Hrulin and Head of the Supervisory Board — Konstantin Golubyatnikov. At the orphanage, unexpected for us, it was very cozy and very comfortable. Such comfort was created by hands of workers and the Orphanage Director Nelly Nikolaevna. Children in the house are very friendly and happily agreed to show us their rooms, and the boys played with us in cars and «voynushku.»

In the rooms of children is very neat, all beds have a special way, the boys collected from the towel «boats», and on the beds for girls towels folded in the shape of a rose.

At the orphanage, all the children are very talented and all have hobbies, boys engaged in professional football and table tennis. A girl dancing, singing and embroidery, their work time or have held high positions in the local and regional competitions.

In the orphanage were transferred Prolesok: 16 packages of clothes, shoes and a big bag of toys (cars 27 pcs, 5 pestoletov) and were transferred to:

1. Juices — 4 package for 2 liters

Oranges 2 — 2.5 kg.

3. Kinder (chocolate egg) — 24 pcs.

4. Cookies (Mriya / Roshen) — 13 pcs.

5. shortbread cookies (900 gr) — 1 pack.

6. Chips — 7 y.

7. Seals — 3 pack. (14 pcs.)

8. Cleaning (Fairy Maditol) — 3 pcs.

9. Shampoo Elseve — 3 pcs.

For that special thanks go to the Foundation benefactor — Eugeniya Larina and philanthropist Foundation - Elena Kalenkovoy.

The current needs of the orphanage «Prolesok»:

1. Shoes Boys 3.5-4.5 years.

2. Shoes 37-38r older girls. (Shoes, krasovki etc.)

3. Sport pants, sneakers, krasovki for boys.

4. sweaters, socks,

5. Shampoos,

6. Detergents

7. Bedding,

8. Gaskets (some for 3 girls)

9. Fruit juices, sweets

10. If there is any sport. inventory.

11. The microphone for karaoke and performances at festivals.

We also need stands for the exhibition of children’s works (4 pcs., The price of each 612.30 USD. Photo HERE).

If you have a desire to help, you can contact the team members of the Fund: Svetlana Yaschenko, +38 (097) 446 5725 or Tatiana Skrygina ( or call Tel: 096-366- 97-90)

Always happy to answer any of your questions!

Thank you in advance for your participation and interest in our overall performance!

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