Visit to the children’s homes 2011-10-09

Dear benefactors, patrons and sponsors of the charity fund «BLAGOMAY» to share with you a photo report about the trip from 09.10.2011, in the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children v. Kopylov (you can see here) and to the orphanage in the v. Vorzel (you can see here).

In the center were transferred Kopylov: 10 packs of clothes, shoes and toys. At the moment, fortunately, the number of children in the Center decreased from 46 to 11 children. Most of the children taken away relatives (guardians) home.

In the photo report also showed charity, provided patrons Fund, in view of the established boilers, laid linoleum in the rooms of the Centre, laid on the floor tiles on the 2nd floor of the Center.

Special thanks go to the help of patrons and benefactors of the Foundation: Nicolay Latanskiy, Olesya Timofeev, Dmitry Fedorenko, Bogdan Kolomiitsev.

In the orphanage in the village vorzel were transferred to 16 packages of clothes, shoes and toys, as well as two packages of diapers. In the photo report you can see the equipped, thanks to patrons Foundation, a children’s corner in the group №1.

We also inform that the 20.10.2011 to the orphanage was transferred to a special set of sensory balls, so necessary for children with disorders of the nervous system, and Down syndrome. Special thanks to Maecenas Foundation Elena Kalenkova. More details about the balls can be read here.

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