Sightseeing tour in Sophia Park 2011-10-03

Dear friends, we give you an update on a sightseeing trip to Sophia Park, which was built by Count Stanislaw Potocki for his wife Sofia (Uman, Cherkasy region).

The tour was attended by children from two orphanages, a total of 40 people (36 children and 4 teacher):

1) «Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of children» s. Kopylov, Makarov district, Kiev region. (18 + 2 children educator)

2) Vyshgorodsky District Orphanage «Lubystok», p. Petrivtsi, Kiev region. (16 + 2 children educator)

03.10.2011 Representatives of the charity fund «BLAGOMAY» organized by this sightseeing trip to Uman with the support of the Economic Court of Kiev. The report was compiled from the words of Natalia Pizhuk tur.firmy employee who personally went with the children and with the words of directors and educators of children’s homes:

«This day was great weather, at 7:30 am the children took the bus to the orphanages and Vyshgorodskiy Makarov district of Kiev region. At 9:00 am they transplanted into one big bus on the CP on the Odessa line. The road was long and a bit tedious for children, as they are in this day very early rose. But on arrival in Uman all the kids opened a «second wind», because the beauty of the Park exceeded all their expectations. Tremendous energy accompanied all day. Children eat well before going on a guided tour through the park. 40 people were divided into 2 groups to better perceive the information of each participant. Children very much impressed by the beautiful blue, which they could feed themselves and even hold in your hand, and of course photographed. Also, all the kids were able to buy a small souvenir to commemorate the fact that they had the opportunity to visit this wonderful place like Sophia Park. At 20:30 the children arrived home, tired but very happy and grateful of course! »

A detailed photo report, see the link HERE (

Director of the Center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children and director Igor Vyshgorodskiy district orphanage «Lubystok» Nikolai Mikhailovich, as well as teachers who accompanied the children convey my deep gratitude to all those who were not indifferent to the fate of the children!

Total charitable aid was as follows: 7800 UАН

We express our sincere gratitude to the philanthropists who were actively involved in raising funds for this tour: Employees Economic Court of Kiev.

Also thank Natalia Pizhuk, manager of travel company LLC «Etnolend» in the immediate organization working with children and guidance of children’s homes.

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