Visits Orphanage «Gorobynka» and Center «Zlagoda» 2011-09-10

Please be informed that on 10 September, the first trip to the orphanage «Gorobynka» (village Combs) and another in the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children «Zlagoda» (Belaya Cerkov).
Orphanage «Gorobynka» in the comb is targeted to accommodate up to 40 children aged 3 — 16 years. Caregivers in the orphanage is very open, and transferred us help immediately issued to the room with the children and they openly gave her children, which was very nice.
The general impression from the Children’s Home is positive, all renovated and well maintained. There is a children’s home and its library, and very impressed that there is even a sacred area with a small iconostasis, which is constantly burning candles.
In the computer room 5 zhidkoristalicheskih monitors, but only 2 system units operate. The house landscaped gym.
The Center «Zlagoda» As always, we were warmly welcomed by the children and teachers who are very thank all who helped!

We have passed: the ball for fitness, 4 packages of toys and 5 packages of clothes.

Needs Orphanage «Gorobynka» and his children:
- Tights;
- Socks;
- Underwear;
- Slippers room;
- Dishwashing detergent;
- Vitamins, or fruit or tablets;
- Soccer ball, the ball ping-pong table and rackets.

To the Centre «Zlagoda»HERE

With photo-travel of the Fund can be foundhere

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