Results of repair in the child’s home in the settlement Vorzel

Dear benefactors and patrons fund «BLAGOMAY», to inform you of the completion of repairs to the home of the child in the settlement Vorzel, in two rooms of the first group «Charm», where the children live with disabilities and congenital disorders of the nervous system between the ages of 1 month to 4 yearsHouse orphanage to repair:

RESULTS repair:

Rooms 2nd group orphanage that can be repaired

The total area of ​​repair: 65.3 sq.m.
Carried out the following work:
- Painting the ceiling,
- Gluing and painting wallpaper,
- Installation of baguettes,
- Laying linoleum and installing baseboards,
- Painting doors, windows and panels,
- Set of 3 chandeliers and sconces,
- Installation of new outlets and switches
Buy: 2 and 4 pictures cornice.

Representatives of the Fund «BLAGOMAY» and guide children’s home in the settlement Vorzel express their gratitude to provide financial assistance to carry out repairs in the orphanage Maecenas Foundation «BLAGOMAY» — Elena Kalenkovoy

P.S. also subject to repair the roof of the orphanage, which stands unchanged since the 50s of the 20th century.

Among other things, the attached letter from the head physician of children’s home, which asks for help in setting up a playroom for children in group 1 (this room with yellow wallpaper) where you are requested to buy:
Designer «island» AL 229/5
Set of sensory balls (for the development of tactile skills)
Carpet 2×3 meters

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