Visit to the Centre Socio-psychological rehabilitation of children v. Kopylov 2011-09-04

04.09.2011 Representatives of the charity fund «BLAGOMAY» (represented Skryginoy Tatyana, Sergey Shcherbaka), and patrons fund in the face Balats Tatiana (her 6-year-old son Sasha) and Svetlana Yaschenko (her 5-year-old daughter Veronica) visited the «Center social and psychological rehabilitation of children «, which is located in the village of Kopylov, Makarov district, Kiev region.

It was a wonderful trip! Children, as usual, greeted us very warmly, especially those who saw us for the first time :) In the Center received brand new 5 wonderful children who are happy to share how they spent the summer in summer camps, which they had acquired new hobbies, what they want become in the future and who will go to study after grade 9! During spent there time, for 3 hours, until the Light Yaschenko trimmed and made laying 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy), the rest of the children danced, sang and showed different sports stunts (walked on his hands on his head, pressing, making the wheel became the bridge). All showed who was capable of!

Now in the «center» of 18 people live, the remaining 25 were distributed: one home, one in family-type homes, in other shelters / boarding schools.

At this time, personal requests were only two girls Yulichka (leave us your home address and asked him to send her children’s English books, or glossary), because during the week it should take home and her next time we will not meet in the center. The girl is very neat and talented; fond of mathematics, history and English, the school receives only creditable letters, for all that she was no help. The second girl Ira asked him to send her checkers (she also shared their home address, and please send it by e-mail, if we do not find you in sled.raz).
We also verify that the 150 pieces of tiles Atmosfera Biege which was transferred LLC. «EUROMETA» was posted, employees of the Center, in the hallway on the second floor between the bathroom girls, boys and an assembly hall.

A more detailed photo report, see the link here (

Director of the Center Igor and all center employees to convey his gratitude to everyone who does not remain indifferent to the fate of the children, all who help!


Orphanage were transferred:
Drawing (24 sheet.) = 30 Pieces
Notebook in the oblique (12 sheet.) = 63 pcs
Notebook in a cage (12 sheet.) = 27 pcs.
Notebook in line (12 sheets) = 9 pcs.
Baskets for toys = 4 pcs.
Gaskets Libresse Classic = 20 y.
Lek-in: Perlin, cream shampoo = 5 pcs.
Lek-in: Rifampicin = 10 y.
Wafers and chocolates (1 box)
Boilers 3 pcs. Gorenje WSU 100V9 (TG100N)

We express our sincere gratitude to the philanthropists who helped:
Tatiana Balats
Alexander Ponomarenko
Svetlana Yaschenko
LLC «EUROMETA» in the face of Commercial Director Maxim Bayluka.
Oles Timofeev — bring you a special thanks to three — 100 liter boiler donated «social and psychological rehabilitation of children» !!!


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