21.12.2014 trip to the Rehabilitation Center «Zlagoda» under the «Factory of Miracles» 2014/15

The company «Grundfos Ukraine» took part in the charity program «Factory of Miracles» 2014/15 BLAGOMAY Fund by donating to fund the acquisition of the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation «Zlagoda» 15 pcs. blankets.
December 21, 2014, a trip to the Rehabilitation Center «Zlagoda» (Belaya Cerkov, Kiev region.) as part of the New Year program. In the center are children from 3 to 11 years old, in need of psychological help or awaiting a decision on deprivation of parental rights. Children are amazing, they are so small and such adults at the same time, because then that many of them had to endure, endure every adult. They are very sociable and open, charge cheerfulness and sincerity. Employees of the company «Grundfos Ukraine» brought gifts to children from Nikolaychik and got yourself a gift, talking to children and taking part in games. We thank the employees and the company «Grundfos Ukraine» for the financial support and attention to orphans. Were transferred to help children: 15 pcs.

Gift markers on site http://babyandkids.com.ua/, thank them for it!


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