Visit to the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children s.Kopylov 2011-05-28

28 of May representatives of the Fund «BLAGOMAY» was made a trip to the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children v. Kopylov, Makarov district, Kiev region.

Together with representatives of the Fund took part in the trip philanthropists Fund, which managed to get acquainted with the children, play with them in football, hold contests and pleasantly surprised their children with attention and care.

At lunch in the dining room of the Center for dessert all children were given Snickers bars.

Representatives of the fund varazhayut thanks philanthropist (makeup artist and hairdresser) Katerina, who gratuitously and at a high level has cut the girls Center.

Boys Center pleased benefactors present performance «breakdance».

Were obtained by the individual wishes of children Center: Discs such as movies of all parts of Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, soccer shoes (boots) — 5 pcs Sizes 38, 39, 40,41, 42 (not white) shoes — size 40, the portfolio , Bag Handy shoulder, boxing gloves, soccer ball.

The center has assisted in the amount of about 7000 UAH. (The act of transferring goods and products supplied) — in the Act are no items / products, which were immediately given to children at a meeting or at competitions, as well as b / at things.

Representatives of the Fund have also expressed special thanks to the help of:


Evgeny Komarov and employees of insurance companies «Industrial» TAS Group,

Eugene Kropivnuy — restaurant «Kozak»

Taras Givchak — Head of the Student Council of Ukrainian-American Humanitarian Institute «Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine»

Alla — Pharmacy » A to Z» (Str. Krasnoarmeyskaya 62)

Julia Gaivoronskaya

Anna Dudka — a student of the Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine

Andrey Evdochshek, Volvo Ukraine


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